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                                                                                     I'm not making Banjos right now, but here's some photos of the ones I made, and will probably make again some day:                         

     The Banjos I make are pre-Civil War era "Minstrel Style." These are made from rare highly figured "Quilted Walnut." (Sorry about the blurry pics. I'm working on getting much better images up soon)


    The Peg Head is based on the old scroll design common in Banjos before the Civil War. The pegs are "5-Star" brand tuning pegs. The Banjo Head is made of Fyber Skin...A plastic that is made to look and sound like animal hide but is much more durable and not affected by changes in the weather. 


    There is a non adjustable steel rod running through the length of the neck. The round part of the Banjo...the Hoop or "Pot" is designed after the old Harmony Banjos that were made in the 1950's.
    Everyone had a Harmony...right? 
    Well...I did.


    Here is a Fretless Banjo. Banjos didn't have frets until after the Civil War. (I read that somewhere on the internet so it must be true.) All the same as above but without frets. If you are a Civil War re-enactor you will be needing one of these.
      (Sorry for the blurry pics. I got a new digi-cam and will post much better photos in the near future.)  

    The Banjo down below is the best one I ever made many years ago. This is the more classical banjo design from the turn of the century. It's got "5-Star" Gold Plated tuners and a mylar head. (It looks pink in the photos...but is actually a nice dark Walnut Brown color.)
    ...to Phillip Jay of the Milky Way!
    (Thanks Man :)


    The Banjo down below is made out of a tropical hardwood called Purple Heart. (It is the second hardest wood in the world) Comes from the coast of Venezuela and French Guiana and is apparently locally very common...though not widespread. It is the one and only one I'll ever make out of this wood. Purple Heart is not only the color of Sioux Quartzite but seems just as hard!!!    


     Katy Young from St. Peter, Minn. is now the proud owner of this one of a kind Banjo!  





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