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Biological Survey

Herping the Siouxland      

             Western Fox Snake

               (Elaphe vulpina)

Fox Snakes have a unique range distribution. They are a northern variety of the Ratsnake family. In fact, there have been suggestions to rename them 

Northern Ratsnakes.

I have been conducting research on Fox snakes since I was 10 years old.


I currently have two wild caught/rescued adults as long term honored guests in my home. Photos of the adults down below.


I occasionally have a few captive hatched   juveniles that are available for adoption.


Here's the latest batch hatched in

August 2022.

These pics were taken shortly after hatching, and they all have grown quite a bit since then. These are now well started yearlings.

Here's what they look like now, with pretty standard checkered bellies.


$200 each

(Plus shipping)

See shipping details down below.


# 18 (Male)

 (On Hold. Sale pending)

                           # 19 (Female)

    (On Hold. Sale pending)


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